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Le Biscornu en Rose
Denise DeMore - DDM Needleworks for GPA - Giulia Punti Antichi Designs
Skill Level: Intermediate

Minimum  students

Maximum 10 students

Date: Thursday, 9/21/23, 3:30p - 6:00p

Class Cost: $90

This biscornu is embroidered in shades of rose and blue with overdyed cotton threads and finished with rocailles beads and a beautiful removable tassel. 

Both stitched sections are worked with one solid DMC six stranded cotton floss, one overdyed DMC six stranded cotton floss and one overdyed Romy's Creations six stranded cotton floss over the beautiful 32 ct linen 212L P.L. Ecru by Sotema, Italy.

The biscornu sides are joined together with overcast stitches while threading rocailles beads in matching color. Lastly, the biscornu is tufted with a little, blue button in the center.

The tassel is made with one skein of Romy's Creations six stranded cotton floss and the leftover stitching threads; the tassel neck is decorated with same beads used on the biscornu sides and a large crystal burgundy glass bead is threaded through the cording. 

Stitches: cross stitch over two, back stitch, Rhodes Stitch over four and over six. 

Stitching and finishing instructions as well as all the information about the model are included in the chartpack. The kit includes all stitching and finishing materials.

Please bring embroidery needle, embroidery scissors, notebook, pen and pencil to class, along with extra lighting, reading glasses  and personal magnifier.

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