Learning How To Finish Smalls
Judy Whitman - JBW Designs
Skill Level: All

Maximum 30 students

Date: Saturday, 11:45a - 1:45p

Class Cost: $70

This class will cover several different design types :  rounds, Christmas trees, small stockings, houses and other shapes.  Learn about a variety of finishing techniques using a number of unique items that can be found in your local craft store ( Michaels’ and Hobby Lobby for example).  I will also discuss finishing sleds, and my flat wooden Christmas tags and we will practice making twisted cording. 


If you’d like to bring your own stitched  small JBW Designs ornament or round design - we can get a start on finishing them in the class. I want you to feel comfortable finishing your own small designs and  inspire your creativity ! 

A kit will be provided with some basic finishing products: boards, ribbons, fabrics, etc.  and it will include some free JBW Designs for your future stitching projects!