On This Fair Canvas, Family Tribute Sampler
$22 + shipping

This sampler is a tribute to family inspired by the designer’s own family of fourteen children and seven grandchildren so far. The various initials represent the names of grandparents, parents, children in the bands and grandchildren under each crown. Personalize with initials of your own loved ones.
"On this fair canvas does my needle write
With Love and Duty both this I indite
And in these lines dear Family I impart
The tender feelings of a grateful heart."

32 count Vintage  Buttercream by Lakeside Linens
Gloriana Silks
Stitch Count 304 x 480

Ann Wilkinson 1834, Antique Reproduction
$22 + shipping
Provenance: Although nothing could be found relating to young Ann Wilkinson,
her surname is of Anglo-Saxon origins which can be found in the Celtic countries
of Ireland, Scotland and Wales since medieval times. The rich bold colors, placement of
repetitive motifs in a well balanced, symmetrical order and the thick undulating bands
all suggest this to be a Scottish sampler. The original measures 15 inches x 18 inches stitched
 on 34 x 30 count unevenweave linen. The model was stitched in the muted colors due to the passage of time though many are still vibrant on this gorgeous sampler even after the passage of nearly 185 years.

"Great God: thy hand to diff'rent ranks
Hath diff'rent tasks assign'd;
'Tis mine to tread the lower path,
And bear an humble mind.
"Tis mine with industry and care
"To earn my daily food,
I am not likely to be great,
But, oh: may I be good.
Ann Wilkinson 1834"

36 count Vintage Sand Dune by Lakeside Linens
AVAS silks or DMC
Stitch count 249 x 250
Catherine Morgan 1835, Carnton Sampler for the Battle of Franklin Civil War Trust
$18 + shipping

Catherine Morgan, 1836, Carnton Sampler benefits the Battle of Franklin Civil War Trust

A companion piece to the Carter House Sampler, this antique reproduction is the sampler of Catherine Morgan stitched in 1836 in Franklin, TN. It was given to Carnton, a Civil War historic site by a distant cousin of the maker. It occasionally adorns the wall for decorative purposes authentic to the period and locale. Proceeds from the sale benefit The Battle of Franklin Trust which preserves the Civil War sites and history of the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee.

28 count Vintage Sand Dune by Lakeside Linens
Stitch Count 200 x 212

Antique Pattern Album Circa 1880
$20 + shipping

Reproduction of 20 plates of an antique pattern album of cross stitch patterns measuring 1 3/4 inch x 2 3/4 inch, half colored and half blue monochrome, featuring alphabets, butterflies, motifs and more.

Signs of Spring Motif Sampler circa 1845, Antique Reproduction
$16 + shipping

Mid-19th century sampler worked in wool on coarse linen. Though undated, the style of stitch work would indicate this piece dates to circa 1845 or slightly later. Worked by an anonymous hand, this sampler is completely charming with motifs of spring including a squirrel, may basket, tulips, florals and several bands in a unique delightful pattern.

28 count Vintage Meadow Rue by Lakeside Linens

Stitch Count 121 x 148

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