Creating Silver Needleminders
Michelle Arsenault
Skill Level: All
Minimum 10 students

Maximum 30 students

Date: Friday, Sep 24, 11a - 1p

Class Cost: $90

Imaginings turned silver, you be the alchemist!

This is a fun class, not done with needle and thread, but the result supports your needle and thread!

Artisan fine silver needleminders, and now even more stitching accoutrements!

No prior knowledge necessary, no supplies needed, just bring you! (...... and maybe a friend, too!) No preparation called for except your enthusiasm. Get ready to surprise yourself!

(I provide for 'in class' use - all tools necessary, and class kit provides all supplies necessary)


What is metal clay?

There is a way to reclaim silver particles from old electronics and old radio graphic film. There is a way to suspend these particles in an organic compound that manipulates much like clay and can be manipulated to all ends of the imagination. Once the clay has the form you want, it dries for 24 hrs and then goes in a kiln where the organic clay compound burns off. The silver particles then proceed to sinter, After 2 hours at 1600c you now have a piece of fine silver metal, in the shape you created!! Magical alchemy - you had a part in!


What will the class be like?

After a brief introduction to this amazing medium, and an outline to the process, the fun begins!



An extensive variety of molds are available with which to create 2-3 needleminders per student. If the students have a button, charm, flatware from which they would like to lift the pattern, this can be covered/ completed as well.

Upon the end of class with pieces completed, they will be photographed alongside the student's name address and email before being carefully packed for firing in my home studio. When final process is done, the silver is polished and gleaming and the magnets are glued - they will be shipped to provided addresses.

Silver Strawberry Toppers
Michelle Arsenault
Skill Level: All
Minimum 6 students

Maximum 15 students

Date: Saturday, 12p - 3p

Class Cost: $110

Join Michelle as she presents a brief introduction on silver, followed by an outline to the process, and then the rolling commences!

Students will have a larger piece of clay to roll out on a texture -  a wide variety of textures to choose from will be available or students may bring their own. Cutters for specific shapes or tools for freehand cut out, some fine tuning or edge touch up. It is possible with some left over clay that a matching needleminder can also be made! Next, photos taken of finished pieces along with students' name address and email before careful packing to be taken to Michelle's home studio for kiln firing. We will discuss when to expect arrival of polished gleaming treasures at your home.


All classes are accompanied by step by step full color photo guides as well as a copy of the introductions and histories. Also, photo examples of pieces finished by students will be included in class kit.

This is not a traditional stitching class, but it is fun and success oriented.  The projects completed are something in every stitcher's repertoire...Who can't use another needleminder? Stitched strawberries are so popular now – how cool to top it with fine silver you have also created!?

5% Membership discount applies to classes pre-registered prior to 9/22/21.

Teachers require your attendance in class for you to receive the class kit. Classes are non-refundable. If you cannot attend the class for whatever reason, please contact us prior to the class.