Purple Heart
Maureen Sorenson - The Heart's Content
Skill Level: All
Minimum 5 students

Maximum 20 students

Date: Saturday, 10a - 1p

Class Cost: $285


Join Maureen as she guides you through the creation of the exquisite Purple Heart class. It contains three designs, the Scissors Mat, Fob and Scissors Safe. In your kit you will find:

* 36 and 46 count Toasted Cashew Zweigart linen from Needleworker's Delight, backing fabric to coordinate with the stitched design on scissors mat/roll for bottom of the Purple Heart Tray and the scissors safe

* 16 DMC cotton flosses, individually number tagged, plus ample floss for tassels and cording

* large bead and several small seed beads as shown in photo for scissors fob

* video of Palestrina Knot finishing technique

* Warm & Natural batting for finishing

* fusible interfacing

* regular enclosures with 26 & 28 gauge tapestry needles

* 100% silk bias tape ribbon to close mat/roll

* Hare Scissors included in kit

* complete finishing instructions

* Purple Heart mat/roll design and the scissors guard design include an attractive stitched Purple Heart

* Scissors fob is stitched on both front and back with two different purple hearts

* Color photographs tied together in booklet

* instructions to make cording/tassels

Purple Heart 4-piece set exclusively crafted by Mr. THC himself, Dennis Sorenson. Your Purple Heart 4-piece set is created with the exotic and rare Purple Heart wood from the Rain Forest of Costa Rica. A great find! Our best trio ever! It consists of:

* Finely grained, sanded, then hand-crafted Purple Heart 5" x 9" tray with four sides and two vintage bronze handles

* One Purple Heart 6" laying tool WITH Purple Heart holder

* Purple Heart Pin cushion stuffed with 100% wool roving and glass head pins